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Designed - 2004


Creating movement through different densities of fabric, this collection sees an army of strong characters gliding down the catwalk effortlessly in a cool manner. Silhouette shapes are oversized and baggy with a chic appeal in way of luxury fabrics brought together by the ultimate dark canvas- Black.


Chunky big cardigans are intricately hand knit with such lightweight wool and silver yarn that the mind is deceived to think the garment is over drowning and heavy. Cashmere yarn is added to cuffs and collars to produce a silhouette free of seams that is cleverly molded around the body. Details of mink fur and combination of silk strips and leather are also added to collars, cuffs and woven throughout the garment breaking up the static load of knit to include movement throughout the garment.


Trousers although looking casual, are couture works of art. Extremely clever detailing includes a mixture of silks, cotton viscose, sheer fabrics, printed and plain with a multitude of pockets and panels. Fabric finishes emphasize not only different shades of black, but different textures within the trousers that result in constant free-form movement.


A powerful collection is presented with an attitude of confidence and casual ease. A collage and refinement of black on black.

Knitted Wool and Silver Jumper
mood board
fabric board
pattern cutting
trouser design
Utility unisex trouser
multi pocket trouser
Knitted Wool and Silver Jumper and utility trouser
final product
final product
trouser deign
Articulated crafted hand made knit silver and wool
Silver hand made jewellery
Black knitted jumper silver and wool with fur
silver hand made design
Silver hand made vest
series of photos of product
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