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the trench, state of the art
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drawing of design
patterns of the trench coat
the speck

The true meaning of technical elegance - Laser cut - Bonded and seam taped with no stitch visible on the entire jacket.

Outer Shell 2 way stretch memory

Dimensional Stability - fabric will maintain the same shape and have 100% recovery immediately after stretch. Coldblack - finishing which reduces absorption of heat rays in dark colours. LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibers are designed to guarantee a much higher resistance to damaging effects caused by external agents such as heat, chlorine and sunscreens. Elastic memory which keeps it from curling at the edges it is ideal even for raw cut.


Also know as "warm fiber" thanks to the pleasant sensation of wellbeing, the warm and dry feeling it offers, polypropylene is the best polymer for protection against humidity and is a tough natural barrier against cold. Hollow polypropylene is also extremely light, water repellent, bacteria-proof and guarantees a high level of comfort and hygienic protection when in contact with the skin.

the images of the final product
the formula
formula of the fabric
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