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Technical Elegance

BART LATIFI is a ready to wear luxury brand created by the designer Bart Latifi build with  extensive knowledge and experience. Bart Latifi creates strong collections with sustainable approach in mind, with minimalist pattern cutting, a-sexual design where elegance meets technical utility aiming to establish a global appeal through online presence.

Style not trend





We love what we do

We create beautiful quality fabrics collaborating with the best mills in the world from Italy, England and Portugal. We work closely with our fabric mills innovating with passion, creating unique fabrics with one of a kind finish to the touch, with one goal in mind, bringing the best garments to the hands of our consumer. Every fabric has its own story.


Wat was global yesterday, today is local. A season in London can be changed in a few hour flight to Stockholm or Milan, we are a seasonless brand creating style and we share our journey with the world.

We love being creative, our design philosophy always starts with a challenged deep thinking behind every design, their reason to exist, the impact on the environment, designing in a better way with less clutter, close to minimal.


We inject a very deep study behind the meaning, connecting with art, film, music, nostalgia of beauty and elegance combined with engineering design and technology creating unique fabrics and unique design elements which when combined create a beautiful ensemble.



A quiet confidence

A quiet confidence of the beauty within, presented in relaxed silhouettes, a perfect combination of freedom and calm energy. With sustainability and natural approach on fabric performance as unifying elements of the collection, it allows the natural movement and organic colours of the garments to portray a subtle and elegant presence.





Our garments are made in Portugal, in factories that are fully traceable and certified, operating with a very limited impact on the environment. Everything we design, we think of the final impact on earth, working backwards to find solutions.

The design approaches with minimalistic and innovative crafted-silhouettes, attention to unique pattern cutting and timeless styling combined with natural approach on technical finishes for fabric performance.

We use raw natural colour on our collection or as little colour as we can in a few of the garments. Every fragment of garment construction is considered well including most of the buttons which are made from powder waste with a unique formula.

inspiration of the trouser



Is important

We are committed in driving positive change for our planet and our communities.

From our products to our packaging and the people who craft them, we're building on our history of innovation and creativity to actively address the challenges we face today.

Our branding and packaging is aproached with a sustainable mindset.

Elegance combined with Sustainable yarns, Recycled, Biodegradable, Four way stretch, UV protective, Water resistant, Breathable, Windproof, Bonded, Thermoregulating are features which combined make Bart Latifi unique.

technical trench




A multidimensional thinking helps with finding solutions. When these dimensions of thinking cross over, a new pattern is generated enabling a unique design.

mood board with 1930s and Jane Harlow inspiration
wood pulp to tencel process
tencel design trouser
Tencel truser example

Tencel fabric is an amazing eco friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles.

Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, tencel textiles are created though the use of nanotechnology in an award-winning closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions.

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