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VR AR showroom sneak peak


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Our VR Showroom Gallery

Our virtual BART LATIFI 1.0 gallery is designed to transcend physical boundaries and bring the world of fashion art and photography directly to you, wherever you may be in the world. You may explore and enjoy the gallery from the comfort of your own space. Engage with other visitors and enthusiasts in real-time, discuss your favorite pieces and share insights as you navigate through our virtual exhibition walls. You can take a seat in our virtual auditorium and soak in the ambiance of our minimalist and spacious galleries, complete with ambient sounds and lighting to enhance your experience.

You can invite your friends or whomever you wish to join you for a virtual tour, creating shared memories and meaningful connections across distances.

Freedom of movement

In a world where the right to move freely is restricted, our vision is limited to what is presented to us. It's a place where one's dignity is systematically dismantled in degrading ways, only for us to then conform to an artificially upbeat society. Here, the significance and essence of art and fashion have been eroded, replaced by a culture that values anti-values. Everything operates at a rapid pace, forsaking the beauty found in slow, deep emotional connections.

Subcultures, once seen as a form of resistance to the dominant culture, now ironically condemn those who resist. The very essence of subcultures, which used to challenge mainstream norms, has transformed into a force that disapproves of any form of deviation from the established societal norms.


Exploring the uncharted territories connected to the peaks, plateaus, and descents of existence and observing from unfamiliar heights. Delving into the abyss of ambiguity, blurring the boundaries of time and challenging our fundamental perceptions of what defines reality. Footprints trace a tranquil rhythm, akin to a meditative trance, slowing the heartbeat to a deliberate pace. Continuously engaging with opposites, targeting the barely perceptible line between presence and absence, the equilibrium of stillness and movement. Year 2021.

Installation of the complexity of life


Human survival through periods of time, evolving of their internal and external form and shape by interlining and combination of DNA through inevitable migration where at some point humans repair their fragile connections to the natural world.

paper dress
paper dress
paper dress

Paper waste found, cleaned, mixed with thread and repurposed into an experimental project dress, trying to find solution for waste. We found this on our archives, thought it was cool and wanted to share with you all.

Exploring the relationships between tools and human and the surrounding acoustic environments through controlled, self-generating mechanical sound. As an active listener you engage with the mechanics and repetitive waves that already exist in human mind. We channel the sound and harmonize the relationship between the chaotic surroundings and self controlled generated soft noise thus providing self rehabilitation.

negative strips showcasng photography
collage of black and white photos

Here is a series of black and white photographs which I take on my spare time. In a chop and place form I am trying to portray the diminutive concentration spam of a human being trying to adjust, reform and survive with vast information projected to us daily. Concentrating the focus on the rapid outer express demand and forgetting the self inner harmony.

illustration technique


ballet pose drawing
ballet pose drawing
ballet pose drawing

Ballet drawings showings body movement that is polite and elegant creating emotion and evoking freedom of life while portraying fluidity of expressing natural expressions versus sculptural balance.

ballet pose drawing
ballet pose drawing
ballet pose drawing
Ballet pose, showing movement
behind the sceenes
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