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Atelier BART LATIFI studies the journey of creating balance between technical and elegance through unconventional collage of diverse cultural movements of London, where quality, creativity and craftsmanship are the epicentre of the brand, believing in full freedom.

BART LATIFI portrays conceptual artistic subject matters through fabric, photography, film and multidisciplinary art, inspiring the socio-cultural landscape.



Away from the body

Our theory is designing away from the body, creating elegant and minimal silhouettes. Styled in unconventional way reflecting the elevation and descending of life, the strong contrast combined with soft accents, balance of the loud vs the silence, fluid combined with unvarying.


The world where all these fragments and components coexist next to each other in harmony, creating a perfect overall ensemble. We create style not fashion because fashion dies and style is forever.



Time is Relative

Everything needs to have a reason to exist. We design only what we like, creative freedom enables us to always start from a blank canvas, to study our ideas in depth, time is relative and our product is seasonless, our product is designed with no gender nor shape in mind, its pure art, it is style and product design.


We create timeless technical elegance.





The design approaches with minimalistic and innovative crafted-silhouettes, attention to unique pattern cutting and timeless styling combined with natural approach on technical finishes for fabric performance.

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